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LANCY LOT - LANCY FALTA Agrandir l'image




  • Format : ALBUM CD
  • Genre : Jazz
  • Label : GALILEO
  • Date de sortie : 11/02/2022
  • Artiste : LANCY FALTA

13,75 €

Description :

Lancy Falta started with the age of 10 to study the guitar with his father Bobby Falta with whom he later formed a duo. Meanwhile Lancy is one of the most accomplished and virtuoso gypsy guitarists in Germany and beyond. Together with Alex Acuña, Carles Benavent and Kuno Schmid he recorded this album in New York and Ludwigsburg (Germany). Lancy Falta recorded his original compositions (except For Django) that he composed during his travels to different countries and cultures. The selection of musicians who can be heard on this album reflects also these travels


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